Young Nigerian Man, Otoobong John Secures Admission into the University of London

Young Nigerian Man, Otoobong John Secures Admission into the University of London

Otoobong John, an African guy best known online as Ibom Jnr, announced the good news as he landed in London to enroll in a course in digital media design and development at the famed University of London. Otoobong John is a member of the British Parliament.

Otoobong John

Otoobong John wrote; in his words:

“I resided in Nigeria for 23 years. I should go now.

I’m excited to investigate new chances as a junior WordPress designer.

I took the biggest decision of my life today to advance my career and education by enrolling in the prominent University of London to study digital media design and development.

I’m here to maximize my growth potential and build the necessary skills for managing digital media design and development projects so that they may be launched and completed successfully.

I’m willing to share solutions to issues and absorb knowledge from others. I’m open to any opportunity within and outside of my field of study.

I would especially like to thank my father and sister for supporting me. Although it hasn’t been simple, God has provided a way, and as we go into a new stage of life, I pledge to honor my family and the entire globe. I also ask God for his blessings and favor.

Godspeed to Nigeria 🇳🇬.

CTA on Otoobong John’s Story 

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