University of Cincinnati Alumni, Chinmay Bakshi Bags Samvid Scholarship

University of Cincinnati Alumni, Chinmay Bakshi Bags Samvid Scholarship

The Samvid Scholarship has been given to Chinmay Bakshi, a 2021 graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s College of Arts & Sciences.

Chinmay Bakshi

The brand-new, nationally competitive prize is in its second year. The scholarship offers mentorship programming to assist high-achieving students in realizing their potential as future leaders in innovation for beneficial social change. It offers up to $50,000 per year for two years of graduate study.

Chinmay Bakshi continued his dual interests in biological research and community service throughout his remarkable undergraduate experience at UC, concentrating on programs that promoted public health and wellness.

Chinmay Bakshi’d successes in these fields are an excellent example of UC’s Next Lives Here mission of innovation, inclusion, and practical effect.

He was one of the six undergraduates in 2021 to receive the UC Presidential Leadership Medal in appreciation for his efforts.

Awarded in 2019 for his accomplishments was the Barry Goldwater Scholarship, which is a prestigious national prize.

Chinmay Bakshi has received numerous honors and was a finalist for the coveted Rhodes and Truman fellowships.

Bakshi is enrolling at Harvard Medical School this year after receiving interdisciplinary degrees in neuroscience and liberal arts (track in medicine, health, and society) from UC.

He aspires to pursue a career in research and healthcare policy that will enable him to help vulnerable groups, even if he is still deciding on his medical specialty.

Chinmay Bakshi is especially interested in pharmaceutical innovation, systemic public health solutions to the opioid epidemic, and effective pain management for individuals with complex conditions.

When Chinmay Bakshi was still in high school, she started to communicate with UC researchers.

As both of his grandmothers had been stricken with the disease, his interest in breast cancer research brought him to Dr.

Nira Ben-Jonathan works at the UC School of Medicine.

“I was able to truly find my love for research and understand how I can support innovation. I could see how the University of Cincinnati works with various organizations and is truly a leader in its field. I was able to picture myself as an undergraduate student conducting important research with professors who were leaders in their disciplines, which was a tremendously transforming experience.

He also addressed himself to Dr. Jeffery Molkentin, director of molecular cardiovascular biology research at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and professor in the pediatrics department of the College of Medicine, before the start of freshman classes.

“I entered his office and expressed my desire to collaborate with him on research. When I sat down and spoke with him, he expressed his admiration for the prior research I had conducted. In the end, I remained in his lab throughout my undergraduate degree.”

According to Bakshi, UC has all the resources students require to be successful. “Many students arrive at college unsure of who to turn to. The University of Cincinnati offers excellent advising, so my advice is to become active and seriously explore your interests if you want to discover any opportunities there. That is precisely what occurred to me.

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