Teenage Nigerian Girl Internalizes the Whole Quran, Defeating Competitors From 50 Nations to Win the Contest in Dubai for Outstanding Reciter

Teenage Nigerian Girl Internalizes the Whole Quran, Defeating Competitors From 50 Nations to Win the Contest in Dubai for Outstanding Reciter

After topping the yearly Quran memorizing contest in Dubai, Aisha Abubakar Hussain, a supremely gifted teenage Nigerian girl, has established herself as one of the top memorizers across the globe.

Aisha Abubakar Hussain took second place after defeating competitors from 48 different nations. She is also from Kano State in northern Nigeria, and also the assessors were astounded by the remarkable memorization she demonstrated.

Fifty nations participated in the Dubai Quran memorizing contest, which was organized by the Dubai Culture and Science Society. Aisha Abubakar Hussain of Nigeria, Shima Anfal Tabani of Algeria, and Aindati Sisi of Senegal took the top two spots, correspondingly.

teenage Nigerian girl

The first-place winner received compensation of 350,000 dirhams, while the second and third runners-up received 200,000 and 150,000 dirhams, accordingly, from the administrators. Additionally, other contestants earned generous incentives.

A Success Story Similar to that of the Teenage Nigerian Girl

In yet related narrative similar to that of the teenage Nigerian girl, the world’s finest mathematician, Faith Odunsi of Nigeria, defeated competitors from every country to win the title of World Master in Mathematics.

In the International Professional Mathematics Competition, Faith Odunsi of Nigeria outperformed competitors from the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and other nations.

The teenage Nigerian girl gained notoriety by answering 19 arithmetic problems in a record-breaking 60 seconds, a performance that astounded everyone in attendance. Faith said of her victory, “I feel honored and thrilled.

At the Ota State Ambassador School in the southwest of Nigeria, Faith is enrolled in her last semester. Before going on to defend Nigeria internationally, she had already been recognized as the best math student in Nigeria.

Faith noted that as she was still growing acquainted with the method, a few of the championship rounds were challenging. She stated, “I believe the first assessment was the most difficult; it was computer-based, and we were granted an hour to complete a number of questions. My exam result was a 66.

The structure of the second level was much the same, and I received a score of 66. Microsoft-themed competitions were the quarterfinals and semifinals. The first person to enter the correct response received 10 points, she said. “We were given questions, and we entered our responses.

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