Teenage African Reaches a Milestone After Bagging a US Degree

Teenage African Reaches a Milestone After Bagging a US Degree

A 12-year-old teenage African girl bags a degree from a US college and sets an outstanding record. Sawsan Ahmed is a remarkable adolescent woman who, at the age of 12, became the fastest alumnus of Broward College in Florida, achieving a milestone in the process.

Sawsan Ahmed, an Egyptian native, earned a stellar 4.0 GPA upon graduation and plans to continue his studies in computer programming, chemistry, and biology at the University of Florida. The strapping young lad recounted how the University of Florida’s Python programming via biology classes captivated her attention.

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“Their lessons in biology through Python programming truly piqued my attention. It’s incredibly fantastic that I was selected and get to go there next semester since it’s an excellent atmosphere for actually researching such things, Sawsan stated to ABC News.

Extending the Highlights of the Teenage African, Sawsan Ahmed

Jeena Santos Ahmed, the mother of the teenage African, stated that Sawsan had obtained her seventh-grade certificate and completed the exam necessary to enroll in college programs at the age of nine.

Her schooling has mostly been child-led throughout. Every time she expresses curiosity in anything, we kind of jump in and does our best to pursue it, according to Jeena.

We discussed recent advancements that we had studied about with her, and we allowed her to subscribe to NPR to understand about the latest scientific breakthroughs, she said.

“Everyone was assisting me right away, addressing me ‘honey,’ sweetie,’ and other such terms. She remarked of the pupils in her scientific research lab course, “By the end of the session, those other learners were approaching me for assistance on topics.

Sawsan, the teenage African was characterized by Amber Abels, her lecturer at Broward College, as a diligent young woman who enjoys doing laboratory work every day. “What I recollect most about her is how happy she always seemed to be to complete laboratory work every day. It excelled. She was an exceptional student and more than capable of keeping up, according to Professor Abels.

Alongside her father, Wesam Ahmed, a researcher at the center in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Sawsan was motivated to pursue a career in biology and medicine (UAE). Clinicians like my father rescue victims each one at a time, but Sawsan claimed that if she created a system that can be utilized in medicine, she could also save several lives at once.

Sawsan, who is 12 years old, has indeed been admitted to the University of Florida and will soon graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Sawsan intends to further her study after receiving her Bachelor’s degree to obtain a doctorate or M.D.

Don’t undervalue yourself and aim for the skies. It was that mindset that led me here. said Sawsan, teenage African stated.

You have many possibilities to demonstrate your talent when you research in the United States. In order to keep you informed whenever new scholarship offers that might help pay for your studies become accessible, Jevemo keeps track of all of them.

There are a few open scholarships in the US, Canada, and Europe. Sawsan, the teenage African, described how her classmates gave her support at the beginning of her degree program because she was the youngest student in the group.

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