Resilient Young Lady, Naziha Amin Gombillah Bags First Class In Law After Initial Setbacks 

Resilient Young Lady, Naziha Amin Gombillah Bags First Class In Law After Initial Setbacks 

After initially having trouble getting accepted into the school, a tenacious young lady from Ghana by the name of Naziha Amin Gombillah battled back to win the title of the top graduating student at the University of Professional Studies (UPSA).

Naziha Amin

Naziha Amin received a top-notch 3.74 out of a possible 4.00-grade point average for her exceptional Bachelor of Law degree, making her the institution’s valedictorian. She also set a milestone at the university as the first law graduate to receive a first-class degree.

Speaking of her battle to enroll in the university after failing mathematics in her first West African Examination, Naziha Amin described her path to earning great academic success (WAEC).

Naziha Amin’s academic advancement was delayed by a year since she had to retake the test the following year. She claimed that in addition to finding it challenging to get accepted, she also had difficulty with her classes while she was a student. “There were times when it got rough, even at the university level,” she remarked.

“I considered retaking several courses, but I never considered giving up. I had to finish what I had started. My folks had to be pleased, she continued.

Naziha Amin now aims to be an expert in international energy law, a lecturer, and a guru in the fashion sector, saying that what first seemed to be a setback for her a few years ago was actually the beginning of several opportunities for her. Her perseverance paid off.

According to UPSA, Naziha Amin thanked God for giving her the ability to work hard and succeed.

Naziha Amin expressed her gratitude to the Almighty Allah for His unwavering support and praised the university’s administration and faculty for their dedication to helping develop her and her graduating class into professionals through their counsel and encouragement.

She stated in her final speech that she views her graduation as a call to duty for Ghana. “In my opinion, this graduation ceremony serves as a call to service for Ghana, Africa, and the rest of the globe. Let’s use our skills to promote Ghana and our cherished alma mater rather than burying them, she urged.

CTA on Naziha Amin Gombillah’s Story 

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