Nigerian Woman, Kemisola Bolarinwa Releases Prototype of Her Astounding Bra Invention

Nigerian Woman, Kemisola Bolarinwa Releases Prototype of Her Astounding Bra Invention

Kemisola Bolarinwa, a scientist and inventor from Nigeria, is about to produce her most important invention yet: a wearable smart bra for cancer screening and early diagnosis.

Kemisola Bolarinwa

Seven sensors are distributed across each bra cup of the smart bra and are connected to a USB output through cables.

The bra is still a model with an accuracy rate of roughly 87%. The software transfers the data to a computer or mobile device and checks for anomalies. The woman, who was born in Nigeria, claims that an emotional occurrence gave birth to her fascination with cancer prevention and therapy.

Kemisola Bolarinwa lost one of her most cherished relatives to breast cancer in 2017. She noticed a variety of women lying breast cancer-stricken while visiting her sick aunt at the University of Ibadan Teaching Hospital. Kemisola Bolarinwa felt pity and sorrow immediately, and she made a commitment to work toward eradicating the threat of breast cancer ever since.

The agony, helplessness, and resignation I witnessed in the ladies, especially the little girls, broke my heart. According to Kemisola Bolarinwa, “We all need to put an end to this disease that is inflicting so much misery, not just for the sick but for everyone around them, caretakers, and even doctors.

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