Nigerian Lady Lese Esther Oluwayemisi Bags a Bachelor’s Degree With a Perfect GPA, Awarded the Best Graduating Student

Lese Esther

Lese Esther Oluwayemisi, a talented Nigerian woman, received an exceptional 5.00/5.00 grade from Redeemer’s University, South-West, Nigeria, making her the top graduating student.

Lese Esther

Lese Esther completed her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemistry with a perfect score. She also established a record for having the greatest cumulative grade point average (CGPA) in the institution’s history.

Lese Esther praised her achievements on LinkedIn as a testament to what perseverance, hard effort, and God’s mercies can accomplish. She expressed her happiness at being awarded the university’s top graduating student.

“It is difficult to express the utter delight that filled my heart when our Vice Chancellor announced that I was the official best graduating student with a perfect 5.00 CGPA (the first of its type in RUN) at the 14th convocation event. I have finally completed the undergraduate Journey I started in 2015, and showed to the world that delay is not denial,” she stated on LinkedIn.

Lese Esther described her challenges while an academic student at the Vaal University of Technology in South Africa before transferring to Redeemer’s University in Nigeria. She remarked, “I was reminded of all the worry, nervousness, and hope I experienced when I transferred to RUN, standing on that podium and giving the valedictorian speech.

“I was terrified that the three years I had spent at home frantically seeking an internship had caused me to lose my academic edge. In the same moment, I am also brought back to my initial, unwavering will to complete Industrial Chemistry with a first-class grade on my second attempt, regardless of how challenging the course was thought to be in our faculty, she continued.

Lese Esther is currently looking to follow her dream of studying for a PhD in the US, Canada, or the UK. She remarked, “I would kindly want to urge for all the help I can get. I am actively beginning my road to securing a fully funded PhD scholarship or graduate assistantship.

“However, I am incredibly appreciative of the enormous honor given to me, being a pacesetter not only in my department but also at my university. The sky is only a stepping stone for me to reach my Apex.

CTA on Lese Esther Oluwayemisi’s Story 

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