Meet Joshua Wathong, the High School Genius

Meet Joshua Wathong, the High School Genius

Joshua Wathong, a talented 14-year-old teenager, received his high school diploma and college certificate in a day, which is an extraordinary achievement in the U. S.

In addition to finishing his grade 10 coursework, Joshua Wathong received a Multidisciplinary Science certification from Chattahoochee Technical College in Georgia.

The strapping young lad earned his formal education on the same day that he graduated from Chattahoochee Technical College with a degree in International Development, much to the delight of everyone, especially his parents.

Joshua Wathong

Joshua Wathong began consuming challenging novels at the age of four and then enrolled in college when he was eleven. His accelerated academic progress is the consequence of a rigorous homeschooling curriculum that he started in the seventh grade.

Continuation of Joshua Wathong’s Story

His mother, Monique McCord, explained, “We often pick stuff from multiple textbooks and specifically design his syllabus.

Monique McCord also stated that she walked Joshua Wathong to the classroom when he first entered college to help him adjust to his unfamiliar setting. “I walked him to class at first, but as the setting grew more familiar, he began to walk by himself, which helped him adjust to the change,” she added.

Reflecting on his remarkable achievement, Joshua Wathong stated that he currently intends to work as a cosmetic chemist. He also hopes to pursue biochemistry at Kennesaw State University before transferring to Georgia Tech to pursue his master’s and doctoral degrees in chemical engineering.

Joshua Wathong desire to specialize as a Chemical Engineer was expressed in the following words: “I would like to be a Cosmetic Chemist. I would really like to launch my individual brand of chemical goods, the magnificence of nature.”

His mother, Monique, also claimed her son had expressed a desire to create a cosmetic that could remove wrinkles. He once said, “I’m going to research and provide the solution to overcome wrinkles,” to which I replied, “Wonderful because one day mama is likely to develop age spots and I’m going to need you,” she continued.

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