Meet Francis Omoniyi Who Applied for a Fully Funded Graduate Study Scholarship in Mathematics Once and Got It

Meet Francis Omoniyi Who Applied for a Fully Funded Graduate Study Scholarship in Mathematics Once and Got It

A black man named Francis Omoniyi wrote a success story on LinkedIn about receiving a fully financed scholarship to study mathematics at the University of Alabama in the United States.

Francis Omoniyi

The smart young man, Francis Omoniyi, received this wonderful opportunity and claims that receiving complete support for his PhD studies in mathematics is one of the nicest things that have occurred to him this year.

Francis Omoniyi, who was pleased to share this testimonial with his LinkedIn network, wrote:


GOD DID IT! I applied to one graduate school.


Yes, I was really disappointed to start the year 2022 after receiving an internship offer from a superb public health organization for my NYSC, but I had to find housing on my own.

Yes, it was a dreadful experience since I fell into the wrong hands and had to handle a room in an apartment that was only partially visible in the images (which I paid for). I had to stay there for two months before I could leave because it was a new atmosphere for me. It was awful.

I suppose God was preparing me for something bigger.

I’ve chosen to share this with my LinkedIn Family because it’s my birthday.

One of the finest things that have happened to me this year is receiving full financing for my PhD studies in mathematics. With trust, I applied to one school, and I was accepted.

Although the process was not simple, it ended with praise.

One thing I will say to my people out there is don’t blame God for anything; instead, figure out how to go through it. He is there to help you because difficulties will arise; sooner or later, everything will be okay.

Additionally, whatever your area of expertise is (and is profitable to the world), keep pursuing it; one day, it will be your time to shine. Do not let anyone discourage you.

Finally, trust God in everything you do; He will make your paths straight. Francis stated

CTA on Francis Omoniyi’s Fully Funded Scholarship 

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