Introducing the Cameroonian, Arthur Zang Saving Lives With His “Cardiopad” Invention

Introducing the Cameroonian, Arthur Zang Saving Lives With His "Cardiopad" Invention

According to specialists, cardiovascular disorders are Cameroon’s second leading cause of mortality as of 2014.

Arthur Zang

Due to the difficulty, many rural Cameroonians had accessing effective heart disease treatments, the country’s population naturally died in increasing numbers. This was due to the country’s lack of cardiologists, something that led to the emergence of Arthur Zang.

A tablet called cardio pad was created by Arthur Zang, a Cameroonian IT professional, to prevent this from happening again.

Many Cameroonians have received accurate heart treatments and diagnosis because of the cardio pad invention by Arthur Zang.

Africa Cardiac Care is a health service that requires a yearly subscription and is less than $60.

You may easily come to the conclusion that Arthur Zang’s invention is altering Africa’s appearance on a worldwide scale, but if you give it some serious thought, you’ll realize that Zang is also benefiting the rest of the world in addition to his home continent of Africa.

CTA on Arthur Zang Story 

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