Exceptional UNIOSUN Student Makes History as She Gets Her MSc in the UK, on Course for Her Ph.D. in the US

Exceptional UNIOSUN Student Makes History as She Gets Her MSc in the UK, on Course for Her Ph.D. in the US

Mercy Ojetunde, a talented former UNIOSUN student, received a perfect score on her Master’s level program graduation exam from the University of the West of Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Mercy Ojetunde, who was awarded the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship by the United Kingdom, announced that she received a 100% mark and 180 out of a possible 180 credits for her Master’s degree in biotechnology from the University of the West of Scotland.


The UK International, Commonwealth and Development Office annually funds the United Kingdom Commonwealth Shared Scholarship, which enables overseas graduates to enroll for free across any UK university’s Master’s program.

UNIOSUN Student Described Her Process for Winning Two Awards.

“I’m absolutely happy to report that I have finished the University of the West of Scotland’s Master of Science program in Biotechnology, and the results have been made public. Mercy stated on LinkedIn, “By the graciousness of God, I graduated with a Distinction with 180/180 credits achieved.”

Mercy, the UNIOSUN Student, received her Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Osun State University in South-West, Nigeria, with an amazing first-class rating (4.75 out of 5.00), as previously published by various media outlets.

She began looking at MSc/Ph.D. prospects overseas since she was determined to pursue her Master’s and Doctorate (PhD) in a foreign country with financial partnerships with leading organizations.

Mercy, who already advance her career, had previously disclosed that she had obtained new funding in order to pursue a Ph.D. at West Virginia University in the United States.

She received a Graduate Research Assistantship at West Virginia University in addition to a Fully Funded Ph.D. Funding in Biomedical Sciences (Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis Program).

Mercy acknowledged God, the UNIOSUN Student association, the Commonwealth Scholarship, and all those who helped her succeed as she celebrated finishing her master’s degree. “I particularly wish to take this moment to thank the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office for giving me the chance to school in the UK and for sponsoring me. It was a wonderful opportunity to get new knowledge and explore foreign training and learning methods, she remarked.

“There is nothing stopping me; I shall continue traveling. Your aspirations are real. You will succeed if you embrace the system just like I did with the UNIOSUN Student system, she concluded.

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