Donte Williams Emerges as the University of Southern California’s Coach, Breaks 140 years of History

Donte Williams

Meet Donte Williams, a 39-year-old who made history by becoming the University of Southern California’s first black head football coach in more than 140 years.

Donte Williams

Williams stated, “I feel like this is the chance I was born for,” in a video posted on the USC football team’s Instagram account. It means a lot to me to be the first African American head coach at USC, and many people who came before me paved the road for me to have this chance.

For more than 12 years, Williams has served as a head coach for numerous collegiate football schools, including those in Oregon, Arizona, San Jose State, and Nebraska.

He has served as the temporary head football coach at the primarily white college after former coach Clay Helton was relieved of his duties. He was also a former recruiter and assistant head coach.

Donte Williams is a quick thinker and just guided the USC Trojans to their first away victory, a 45-15 triumph over Washington State University.

Black coaches are still not given much of a chance even if there are many Black football players in the prestigious Power Five conferences. Williams, Stanford, Arizona State, Washington, and Colorado are the other four Black head football coaches in the Pac-12 this season.

CTA on Donte Williams Groundbreaking Achievement 

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