Basketball Star, Steph Curry Returns to the University, Bags a Bachelor’s Degree

Basketball Star, Steph Curry Returns to the University, Bags a Bachelor’s Degree

13 years after pausing his academic pursuits to concentrate on his profession in the National Basketball Association, the 34-year-old American basketball star Steph Curry is allegedly receiving his Bachelor’s degree (NBA).

Steph Curry

The great basketball player’s intention to graduate from a North Carolina liberal arts college in 2010 with a diploma was derailed when he decided to join the NBA in 2009. As a result, he was unable to complete his degree.

But in 2022, the young guy graduated from Davidson College in North Carolina, the United States, with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

More on Steph Curry’s Success Story 

The 34-year-old player who currently plays for the Golden State Warriors announced his achievement of earning a bachelor’s degree on his Instagram page with the description;

‘Class of 2010’ is really 2022, but we finished it! I’m grateful to everyone in my community who supported me as I crossed the finish line. I made the commitment before I went, and I had to keep it,”

His wife and the institution he attended joined other online users in congratulating the young man on his accomplishment.

“Proud would be an understatement!” wrote Curry’s wife. “YOU DID IT,” my love. Congratulations!

Additionally celebrating Steph Curry, the administration of Davidson College, located in North Carolina, United States, tweeted as follows:

“Steph Curry Curry has frequently highlighted the significance of education, how much he loved his time at Davidson College, and his commitment to completing his education. One semester’s worth of coursework was required of him.

He re-enrolled at Davidson College for the spring semester and collaborated with two Davidson academic staff, a professor from Stanford University, and a professor from UC Santa Cruz who had both previously taught Steph Curry at Davidson.

“He will graduate with the class of 2022 on Sunday with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Sociology major, but he won’t be there for commencement. Davidson College is looking forward to the chance to award him his certificate on the graduation day on campus in the future.” They penned.

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