8-year-old Norman Student Scoops “Hero Medal” For Rescuing a Suffocating student in US School

8-year-old Norman Student Scoops "Hero Medal" For Rescuing a Suffocating student in US School

At Lakeview Elementary School, a Norman student, in Oklahoma, identified as Garrett Brown, age 8, received a hero medal for having saved the life of another student who was suffocating on food.

Jordan Nguyen, a music instructor at the school, described how the event happened over lunch. The children loved chicken nuggets, therefore it was chicken nugget day. The greatest dread of educators and parents, however, occurred during that meal.

Norman Student

She said that third-grader Cashton York was at the school eating lunch with classmates when he “took a mouthful and started to choke.” She described how he was unable to breathe.

His companions promptly asked for assistance after the occurrence, but Nguyen, the oldest person there, replied that she needed to go to the location of the accident because she was on the other side of the room. “When I started hearing them cry, I hurried to the children because I was on the other side of the canteen. But one youngster, Garrett, went much further than just yelling for assistance, the teacher said.

Garrett Brown, Cashton York’s colleague, had already begun doing the Heimlich maneuver on his classmate before Garrett entered the picture.

Rather than screaming, the guy jumped to the other end of the table, crept behind Cashton, and performed the Heimlich technique a few times. According to Nguyen, it just needed a few minutes and trials for the food to be moved, according to Nguyen. When I arrived at Cashton, the food had come loose and he had begun breathing normally once again.

How the Norman Student was Able to Save a Life

A first aid procedure called the Heimlich maneuver comprises either abdominal strokes, back strikes, or both. Garrett Brown gave an explanation of how he was able to provide first aid to his classmate so rapidly, claiming that he learned the method from his father.

We all paused once it was finished and wondered, “Did that just happen? Is that thing real? What the heck just happened? To confirm that “Oh, that is what happened,” we had to revisit the security post..

Tiffany Smith, Cashton’s mom, informed KOCO that she is grateful that Garrett was able to respond quickly while her son began suffocating.

“Knowing that my kid may have choked to death on school meals while you were not present was really frightful. Not enough words can express our gratitude for rescuing him. said, Smith.

Garrett was recognized during the morning assembly by Lakeview Elementary for acting quickly to save his classmate. On behalf of the entire school, Nguyen gave Garrett a unique “Hero Medal” plaque.

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