5-year-old Celebrity Disc Jockey, DJ Khaled’s Son Graduates from an American School

5-year-old Celebrity Disc Jockey, DJ Khaled's Son Graduates from an American School

The 5-year-old son of well-known American DJ Khaled Mohammed Khaled, aka DJ Khaled, Ashad Khaled, has completed kindergarten in the US.

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled, who shared a photo of his kid on Instagram, acknowledged his happiness at seeing him make scholastic development and shared the hope that he would become an incredibly successful grownup. “God’s accomplishment! Come on, @asahdkhaled! I had to post one more. I am really pleased! He wrote, “Love u so much!!!!! ASAHD.”

Ashad also shared his joy after receiving his first degree on his own Instagram account. “I succeeded! Here I go to first grade,” he declared.

In a different report, Sire Jackson, the 10-year-old son of 50 Cent, was recognized as the high school student of the month.

The Panther Pride Academic Award in Language Arts went to Sire Jackson. His father, 50 Cent, shared a photo of his kid on the internet to celebrate his accomplishment. He tweeted, “my son is earning student of the month.”

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CTA on the 5-year-old DJ Khaled’s Son, Ashad Khaled

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